How acne scarring occurs

Acne is extremely common. Unfortunately – and particularly in more severe cases – acne often leaves scarring behind. Scars can also be caused by squeezing, scratching or picking at spots. We have seen that the greater the severity and longer the inflammation process with the acne is, the greater the chance of scarring. Over the long term, acne inflammation not only damages the sebaceous glands, but also the connective tissue, collagen, elastin and capillaries.

Over the past 40 years, we have been able to treat a vast number of people for scarring. Whilst everyone is unique, they all have a shared goal: healthy-looking skin. Our treatments achieve just that.

Treatments are designed based on how red a scar is, the degree of pigmentation and the depth of the scar. Dermapen™ needling treatments and various types of peels are available. Or specialists perform various treatments or combinations of treatments in order to reduce the appearance of acne scarring. The number of treatment sessions required will depend on the severity of the scar.

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Types of scar treatment

If you have severe or old scarring, we recommend the Dermapen™ treatments. The Dermapen™ uses small vibrating needles that create minuscule punctures in the skin. This stimulates the skin’s natural renewal process. In addition, it speeds up collagen production and improves the absorption of products.

The Dermapen™ treatment is safe, effective and painless. The depth of the needling is adjustable, meaning that treatments can be tailored fully to your skin’s requirements. Dermapen™ is such an advanced treatment that it can even get to areas that are more challenging to reach,such as around the eyes, lips and nose.

Step-by-step plan

Another option for the treatment of scars are skin peels. A peel rapidly sloughs away the top layer of ‘dead’ skin, revealing new, smooth skin beneath. Our specialists will put together a peel that meets your skin’s exact needs using a variety of ingredients. The stronger the peel, the deeper and more intensive the treatment. Peels can combat redness, aging and pigmentation and brighten up the skin.


” Before Vital, I struggled a lot with acne. I tried everything, but it kept coming back. With Vital, it went beyond just a treatment. By testing for my intolerances, fine products and the great treatments, I finally got my skin under control! I am eternally grateful to Vital! “

- Jacinta

“ My skin has improved a lot since I started my treatments with Vital. ”

- Tim

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