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Acne behandeling | Vital Acne Instituut

Acne treatment

Banish acne in four steps. We treat the body from the outside and the inside.

Rosacea treatment

Rosacea is treatable. We fully tailor your treatment plan specifically to your skin.

Scar treatment

We base your ideal treatment or combination of treatments on how red and deep the scarring is and the degree of pigmentation present.

Anti-aging treatment

Say goodbye to pigmentation, scars and fine lines. Our treatments achieve fantastic results.

Voedselintolerantie test | Vital Acne Instituut

Food intolerance test

We test 117 different foods and quickly identify the foods you are intolerant to.

” Before Vital, I struggled a lot with acne. I tried everything, but it kept coming back. With Vital, it went beyond just a treatment. By testing for my intolerances, fine products and the great treatments, I finally got my skin under control! I am eternally grateful to Vital! “

- Jacinta

“ My skin has improved a lot since I started my treatments with Vital. ”

- Tim

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