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40 years

What can Vital Acne Institute do for you?

VItal Acne Instituut was founded in 1978. Over forty years on, we are a well-known name in the treatment of skin conditions. Furthermore, we are the largest acne institute in the Benelux.

We see many different skin conditions on a daily basis in clients young and old, male and female. Acne and other skin conditions often cause low self-esteem. This has an impact on your school-, work- or even your personal life. Our aim is to correct your skin problems and to give you back your confidence. Book a free and no-obligation consultation and discover the possibilities that are open to you.

“We are here to make you even more beautiful than you already are! We are here to boost your self-esteem and make you glow from the inside-out.”


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During the consultation, we closely assess your skin, discuss our analysis, provide an estimation of the treatment cost and let you know what results you can expect.

Treatment plan
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The treatment plan is carefully devised by one of our specialists. Before the treatment commences, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

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The results we achieve with our treatments are astonishing. All of our clients experience improvements to their skin of 85-95%. All that, without medication.

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For the results of your treatment to last, it is important that you continue to take good care of your skin at home, too. We offer therapeutical products for this. Your specialist will tell you exactly which products are suitable for your skin.

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Acne specialist
Acne specialist
Acne specialist
Acne specialist
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